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Wearing orchids (is a thing you should do)

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Wearing orchids--en vogue or no? I don't go for giant cattleya corsages myself, but there are many other ways to incorporate orchids into your look. How about this rad-ass orchid dress?

Or perhaps you'd like something a little more jungle-casual?

The Chicago Botanic Garden's 2017 orchid show highlighted orchid fashion through the ages.

Now that's a fascinator!

Dang, maybe I can get behind the old-school corsage. This postwar woman has it going on!

You've heard the phrase "guilding a lily"? Well, these high-Victorian era brooches show that guilding an orchid is clearly worse.

I say: love your orchids, wear your orchids, but don't encrust them with diamonds. Orchids just don't need the bling.


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