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Orchid fascinator

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

I love fascinators, but I don't get many chances in life to wear them. Who does, besides British royalty? Luckily, I have great friends who threw me and my fiancé (now husband) a party shortly after we became engaged. It was time to bust out the craft supplies and live the orchid fascinator dream!

It was a late summer party, so I chose an updo and a sleeveless eyelet little black dress. This meant that my choice of fascinator colors was wide open. I keep a box of crafty stuff around--ribbons, cloth flowers, floral wire, etc--and this fascinator came together quickly, once I found an appropriate barrette to attach it to.

I liked the swampy green phalaenopsis as the centerpiece, with golden cosmos filler, and red and white accents, all on a wide black lace ribbon base. I used small-guage floral wire and bit of hot glue to get the flowers to hang together, then another small piece of wire to attach it to the barrette.

Since it was late summer and my garden's ground cherries were taking over the universe, I dipped them in chocolate and they made a tasty dessert. The party was magical, of course!

I later made an orchid fascinator headband. Doesn't Spidey look divine in wine- and mossy green-colored orchids with a taupe tulle base?

Again, I fitted the pieces together with a bit of hot glue and floral wire, and then attached it to the headband with floral wire.

Which reminds me: I need to replenish my fabric orchid stem stash! You never know when you'll need another fascinator.


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