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Dtps. Cherry Wine 'Newberry'

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Need a little fairy magic in your life? Check out the intergeneric hybrid genus doritaenopsis (doritis crossed with phalaenopsis). Although in many ways it looks and acts like a normal phalaenopsis, I have a secret to share with you about its care.

Dtps. Cherry Wine really does look like it's lit from within!

I bought this orchid nearly two years ago, and while it did OK in my care, it didn't really start to put on weight--and soon thereafter spike--until I placed it on a heat mat. My grow room on most nights hovers in the low- to mid 60s, and hits the mid-70s during the day. But it wasn't until I gave Dtps. Cherry Wine 'Newberry' some bottom heat that she really took off.

In indoor light, the orchid takes on shades of deep magenta, with an orange-yellow throat. In brighter light, the flower takes on a slightly more pinkish tone. The lip is the part that's most shocking, however--it's *neon purple* straight out of any little girl's 1980's keepsake box.

Neon purple lip! Wowie zowie, Batman!

So, in addition to the ultra rad lip, the petals are thick, waxy, and in the right light, shimmer with glitter. It also smells super cool, dude--flowery, bright, almost too sweet--kinda like Bubba Yubba. (Let's just go ahead and rename this orchid "'80s Flashback," OK?) Exuding heavy scents usually shortens the lifespan of an orchid's flower (it takes a lot of the plant's energy to put out such lovely aromas), but 'ole New Wave has bloomed continuously for more than two months now, and is going strong. (Where's my Madonna mix tape?)

So, grow it in whatever medium works for phals for you, but make sure to let and Miss Pegged Pants dry out between waterings. I've found that it also likes slightly higher light conditions than most of my normal phals--push the envelope until you see a bit of anthocyanin spotting on the leaves. And don't forget the heat! It appreciates nights in the mid-60s to mid-80s, so imagine what the ideal daytime temps are--probably mid-80s to 90s (I rarely hit those highs, but bottom heat works its magic). I have read that Dtps. likes to rebloom on the same inflorescence, so I won't be chopping it back. How dare I even think of such a thing--you don't mess with Ms. '80s Claw Bangs.


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